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What Stone Sports Therapy Clients say...

"Fantastic, friendly and relaxing - after a horse riding accident and badly injuring my arm, stone sports therapy aided my recovery. Highly recommended" - Sian

"Massive thank you to Erica Stone for her help this weekend! Would not have been able to walk, bend, squat or move if it wasn't for your help! ‪#‎magichands‬" - Lucy

"Thanks so much for your support of the Team over the weekend @ Wild West. My back, hands and body wouldn't have made it through the events without the tape and release/massage that was on hand! :-) Thanks so much!" - Edd

"I had Erica treat me at a recent weekend competition for low back pain and soreness. The difference just a short treatment made was astounding. Not only could I complete the weekend pain free but also the 2hr drive home where usually I would be dosed up on painkillers. Will be seeking further regular treatments in the future. Thank you" - Leo

"I had Erica tape both hands at a recent competition, due to injuries. She done an amazing job! I was able to continue competing with my team without pain or discomfort. I would highly recommended Erica." - Alec

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